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How Not to Write About Africa

Maybe one day I’ll follow this up, but for now it stands alone, as seems best.

Cameron in Cameron’s Avengers

We all love memes, even physicists. And I love that this


has become this


and this


and more: source and source; thanks.

Oh Hai, let’s cuddle and make star babies

Boffins have known for a long time that our galaxy is going to collide with another, but now we have some pretty pictures of what it might look like. NEWS STORY! I’m glad we have pictures cause I for one don’t plan on sticking around for another 4 billion years just to see that. Assuming civilisation is still here. And the sun hasn’t died. You know, minor details.


Sunset over Dinner

Courtesy of Tom Wickersham

Today’s lesson for the day, discussed over dinner.

Consider the scene: in the flat of physicists, one optimistically tanning over by the window.

One to them, “You see the problem here is with the sun setting, there’s more atmosphere to travel through; it’s not as intense”.

Another: “But, of course, UV can’t penetrate through glass”.

Lesson: Atmospheric physics is not appropriate dinner conversation.

There’s was also no noticeable change in tan. Within measurable errors.

Orbital Lotion

It’s a tough line of work. No one takes my gravitational penis theories seriously.

Baby Body Water

Various sources say how people need to drink about 2 litres of a day. Various others say how this is complete nonsense.

According to this, I need to drink about 3 l

itres day, since I’m a large physicist.

Humans are about 60% water, nearer 70% at infancy([1]). A baby is about 3.2kg at birth, on average, so contains 2.24kg of water, or, by the wonder of the metric system, 2.24 litres.

Thus, I need to consume around 1.3 babies a day to sustain my hydration needs.

Or if you’re out for a night and have 8 pints, that’s about 2 babies.

Just FYI.